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9 Tips for Targeting Your Job Search

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In the business world you hear a lot about targets, and it rarely has anything to do with Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games (unless you’re part of the studio who produces the movies). And it has nothing to do with an assassin’s prospective victim, either. When most of us hear the word “target” in…

Stand Up Straight (Your Mom Was Right)

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Whether you heard it from your mom or your second-grade teacher, you remember grownups commanding you: “Stand up straight!” But why did they care? Did they want to make sure you wouldn’t grow up to be the Hunchback of Notre Dame? Actually, they may not have understood (consciously) what they were trying to achieve. They just…

5 Ways To Be SMART in Your Interview

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When it comes time for your job interview, you want to be smart. But that goes without saying. After all, who wants to seem like a dolt when he’s meeting his hopefully-future boss? The problem is, if you don’t have your accomplishments top-of-mind when she asks, “Why should we hire you?” and the sound of…

Top 10 Ways To Get Noticed By An Interviewer

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If your goal this month is to get more attention when you apply and interview for jobs, these tips are for you. Especially if you have been tentative about being honest or upfront with your interviewer – you’ll find this list reassuring First, be fashionably late. 15-30 minutes is perfect. If they’ve called you for…

5 Questions To Prep Yourself For The Interview

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My daughter and son are both talented Shakespearean actors. Even at 12 and 16. It’s amazing to watch them recite their lines onstage, in full costume, with more confidence than I’ve ever seen them muster. They attend rehearsals for months, run lines every night together, learn how to apply their own make-up, know where to…

Answering “Have You Ever Been Fired? Asked To Resign?”

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Job seekers often struggle with a termination. Take this example: “I’ve been working in the construction industry. Since the housing bust, business has dramatically declined. Recently, I had a disagreement with a coworker and got fired over this trivial thing I never would have gotten fired for 5 years ago. What do I say about…

When Is It Too Soon To Talk About Salary?

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My clients ask such great questions! This is one I get a lot. I’ve decided to make my answer into a blog, so more can use this technique. Here is the question: “I had an interview last week for a job I think I would love, but I think the salary and benefits will be…

Not Getting Interviews? Conduct One Yourself!

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One thing that will gain you interviews with your target companies is by talking with more people who are “in-the-know.” Do this by conducting more interviews of your own. The informational interview is an effective way to build your network and gather information to move your career forward. Informational interviews can actually be quite fun….

At The Interview, The Spotlight’s On You.

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Last weekend, my daughter, who is 11, was in a play for  Young Shakespeare Players  in my city. It was amazing to watch her reciting her lines, in full costume, with more confidence than I’ve ever seen her muster onstage. She had been attending rehearsals for months, practicing her lines with her brother, learning how to apply…


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