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I am Kristin S. Johnson, owner of Profession Direction, where we help ambitious professionals achieve their career goals. Using knowledge and experiences gained while achieving five certifications in the careers industry, we will get you landed on the short list of top candidates chosen for the interview. You’ll experience success faster with a distinctive, well-branded resume created by Profession Direction.

What qualifies Profession Direction to be your career management partner?

A skilled resume writer will:

1. Have credentials. You want a professional who is dedicated to knowing best practices in resume writing.
  • As a Certified Advanced Resume Writer through Career Directors International, we have been trained by experienced, award-winning writers. We know the techniques that are respected widely in the industry.
  • We are one of a handful of companies to have earned the Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired! (G3) Coach credential from The Academies. We know how to “write tight” for maximum emotional impact that gets you the attention you deserve.
 2. Be a dedicated full-time resume writer and career expert. You need the benefit of dedicated professionals who know the best practices in the careers industry. You want to work with professionals who write resumes that get the attention of Fortune 500 companies all over the country.
  • As a recognized career expert firm on Careerealism, Tim’s Strategy, and iLostMyJob.com, we use well-respected techniques to propel your career forward.
  • Our days are spent analyzing industry documentation and writing the highest-quality, most-targeted career documents only.
  • We are dedicated writers; we don’t “dabble” in writing resumes as a hobby. We are devoted to knowing what works in our industry.

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3. Have a strong technical knowledge of Microsoft Word, professional language, and business etiquette.
  • We know the ins and outs of Word’s functionality, allowing us to create the best format to showcase your skills.
  • Interviewers frequently remark that our clients’ resumes are the best they have EVER seen! This requires highly developed skills that create the right language to best endorse you.
  • Membership in professional organizations keeps us abreast of current employer expectations for top candidates.
4. Create well-branded documents that set you apart from your competition. You need to be able to creatively and accurately describe your unique talents that show precisely how you will contribute to an employer’s success.
  • Every client we work with receives a branding statement that describes his or her unique talents, skills and value.
  • As a Certified Get Clear, Get Found, Get Hired Coach and 360 Reach Analyst, we carefully craft your branding statement with you, which will be used on all career communications as well as in social media profiles, networking meetings and interviews. It gives employers a real reason to hire you and only you!
5. Have an analytical approach to your project. A good resume writer will pick apart your experience and successes and analyze how they relate to your future career.
  • We have an extensive intake process that requires you to provide a thorough history of your career. This data is considered in developing a targeted strategy for your document.
  • Every detail—from the words to the formatting to the font—of your new resume are designed to appeal to your ideal audience and help you achieve your career goal.
6. Understand that resumes are marketing documents. To get your foot in the door, you must give the employer clear and attractive reasons to talk to you.
  • Your documents are designed to be visually appealing, the wording colorful and creative.
  • Most positions are being created through referrals and networking. We design your career documents to market your talents well.
  • It’s true that some recruiters, human resources assistants or ATS machines may not like these types of resumes; having multiple versions to navigate various portals of entry into a company will be included in your package.
7. Be future-focused. Resumes are meant to be written toward the goals you want to pursue. A ho-hum, “been there done that” resume that simply rehashes things that are potentially irrelevant will certainly not get much attention.
  • Your resume will be a representation of your successes that apply to your future career endeavors.
  • It will consider what the employer needs you to bring to the table. What problems do they have that you can solve? What will they want you to accomplish during your career there?
8. Pursues life-long professional development and education by attending conferences and being active in career-focused associations. You want a writer who is committed to being the best of the best.
  • We take pride in staying abreast of the latest technology and trends in resume writing, interviewing and job search.
  • Active membership in Career Directors International and being an Associate of Career Thought Leaders keeps us informed.
  • Attending associations’ annual conferences gives us information from the best resume writers, career coaches, and recruiters in the nation. You want a writer with enthusiasm to match your ambition!

All of this is really not about us, though. It’s about how we can serve YOU in your desire to take control of your career! Your needs are our highest priority, and we want to be a part of your success! 

Have access to a career management firm with knowledge you can trust! It’s time to reinvigorate your career.

 Giving you the competitive edge to move ahead in your professional life is our specialty. We know what employers want to see in a top candidate—and what many applicants miss in their resume!

Our clients describe us as the best of the best in cities around the country. We’ve worked with professionals in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C., Raleigh, Indianapolis, and Portland, to name a few. Based out of Madison, Wisconsin, we write for clients locally and nationwide.

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