Thinking About Making a Change?

Do You Want Something Different, but Unsure What That “Something” Is?

Give yourself the best chance of making a successful transition by working with a Certified Career Management Coach. 

A career coach will get to the heart of what your talents and interests are, and where they fit into your work life. A career coach will be there to help you sort through this life-changing decision in a more organized, structured way.

Find a career that gives you the fulfillment, excitement, and compensation you deserve! 

I am Kristin S. Johnson, owner of Profession Direction and a Certified Career Management Coach. Under my leadership, Profession Direction helps ambitious professionals achieve their career goals. Our team has worked with countless clients that have struggled to discover their next career move and always help them find clarity sooner than they would doing it alone. 

You’ll experience success faster – and a job you love –
with the guidance and insights an experienced career coach can provide.

Here’s what one client said about the career coaching process:

“I have spent three decades in a field that is shrinking due to technological changes. I’m the proverbial buggy whip maker watching automobiles become more and more popular, and even if I make the best buggy whips around, there is a limit as to how far my career can take me.” 

“Talking with Kristin about my fears and frustrations not only allowed me to blow off some steam, but gave me a better perspective about how I might go about seeking different options for my future. She was able to help me identify my skills and abilities that could transfer to another field if it became necessary. She has also helped me deal in a healthier way with stressors at my current job.” 

“While I hope a career change is not imminent, I know that if it becomes necessary, I can trust Kristin to work with me on updating my resume and increasing my networking. Already my confidence level has increased so that I am looking at different options with my current employer.” 

“Kristin is intuitive, supportive, and optimistic, but she doesn’t wear rose-colored glasses. She knows it’s tough out there right now, and she’s willing to be tough right there in the trenches with me. She’s awesome!” – T.C. 

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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions about Career Coaching:

What is career coaching? 

Coaching is an interactive process of exploring work and career issues, leading to clarity. You’ll develop a plan of action to achieve what you believe will give you the greatest rewards in your work life. 

What is a career coaching session like? 

Meetings are held over the phone, which protects client confidentiality. The client sets the agenda for discussion and fills out a short email update prior to the meeting so time is used effectively. 

There is generally a central question the client wishes to make progress on during the discussion. The coach guides the client by asking powerful questions, helping the client to identify important issues. 

Sometimes these can elicit difficult topics or emotions, but coaching is not therapy or counseling. Together, the coach and client work on creating an action plan for the client to further their career objectives. 

What do you talk about with a career coach?
You can discuss any work-related topic or career issue such as:
  • Ideas of what you’d like to do “when you grow up”
  • How to start transitioning to a new career or company
  • How to conduct a confidential job search
  • Growing in your current position
  • Difficult work issues
  • Starting your own business/freelancing
  • Interviewing skills
  • Salary negotiation
  • Networking techniques
  • Using social media to manage your career
  • Personal branding

How long will I need to get coaching?

That’s the million-dollar question! It varies. Some people are able to discover the solution for their situation in a matter of months. Others see the value in long-term coaching to guide them through their entire job search. Some even use coaching throughout their career for regular check-ins and career maintenance. 

What is career coaching not? 

Coaching is not therapy. It focuses on future goals, dreams, and aspirations. You’ll develop strategies to get what you’ve always wanted in life and the confidence to act on them! 

Coaching is also not a one-way street and your participation in the process is vital. You’ll have assignments to solidify your learning after your sessions. There will be work for you to do to make sure you get the most out of the process. Career Coaching with Profession Direction

What qualifications does a career coach have? 

Kristin is a Certified Career Management Coach through The Academies, an internationally renowned organization, and its coaching techniques are accredited through the International Coaching Federation. Coursework includes the best coaching techniques and the most current career management strategies. 

Every two years, she is required to become recertified through continuing education. I go above and beyond these requirements by membership in Career Directors International and Career Thought Leaders and attending annual conferences. I am dedicated to knowing the best methods to help my clients achieve their career goals. 

Is my success guaranteed?
We will support and guide you, but only YOU can guarantee your success. Giving you every advantage is our objective, and we’re dedicated to supporting you in every way we can: 
  • You’ll have explored all options to give you confidence in your career decisions.
  • We’ll provide the encouragement you need to stay inspired and keep the momentum going.
  • You’ll discover all the tools you need to get where you want to go quicker than you would by going it alone.


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