Need Help Honing Your Elevator Pitch
for Networking and Interviews?

Do you struggle to engage people when answering the question
“So, What Do You Do?”

You need a signature statement to describe your
core talents that you will
use to attract your ideal employers!

Personal branding can get you ahead in your career faster. During the process of creating your statement, you will discover what really sets you apart, what your biggest differentiators are. 

Through personal branding, you will know how to represent yourself best to your ideal audience. The personal branding process can be an eye-opening way to discover what others value in your work. You will learn how to emphasize things in your career documents and verbal pitches that you hadn’t thought of before.

You might discover what you could be doing better and use this information to develop solutions and fix weaknesses. (Or, you may decide what you just want to delegate!) Investigating how to improve your performance, and taking action on those issues, will make you more appealing to an employer or target market.

When you think about personal branding, you might be hesitant. “But, I’m not an executive.” “That stuff is so ‘woo-woo.” “I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not.”

Working with a Certified Career Management Coach and Personal Branding Analyst will help you:

  • Understand your core strengths better
  • Differentiate yourself from your competition
  • Create buzz around what you are doing professionally
  • Attract your ideal employer
  • Know what projects will help you get ahead in your career
  • Get noticed at your company or by your target employer
  • Speak about yourself more persuasively
  • Interview and network confidently
  • Get higher salary offers; charge higher fees

Want more information on how to use personal branding to create a new enthusiasm for your career? Check out our Personal Branding coaching and assessment packages. (link)

Your personal brand will be discovered and refined with these tools:

  • 360Reach Personal Branding Assessment
  • Confidential online surveys
  • Comprehensive worksheets
  • Values and skills assessments
  • DISC Assessment
  • One-on-one career coaching

We will help you find out what sets you apart at work and how you can leverage your talents to get ahead. Here’s how the branding process has helped our clients:

“Kristin is creative and passionate about her work. I highly recommend her!” – Amy R.

“I would recommend Kristin to anyone looking for that ‘extra edge’ in their job search and interviews. Kristin is a true professional with great knowledge and resources- more importantly, she has a passion for helping others in their career journey.” – Ellie H.

Have more questions about personal branding? Check out the 360Reach FAQ 

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