Want to be part of a team that communicates well and gets along better?

Is your company laying off employees and you want to give them an advantage in their job search?

Technical skills are certainly important for doing a job well, but behavioral characteristics often can make or break workplace success.

The DISC assessment is a time-tested, proven-effective, affordable way to provide insights and strategies to improve communication, relationships, and workplace behavior. Improving these “soft skills” has been shown to boost productivity. DISC can help you reach your career goals and better promote your company’s mission in your unique way.

The profile is a behavioral assessment designed to accurately measure the four dimensions of normal behavior. Its validity has been scientifically tested. It provides an individualized, actionable report regarding:

  • Work Environment
  • Adapted and Natural Behavior
  • General Characteristics
  • Key Strengths Tendencies
  • Improving Effectiveness
  • Words That Don’t Work
  • Keys to Adapting Effective Communications
    Career Assessments with Profession Direction

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Profession Direction uses Profiling Pro to administer DISC. Profiling Pro is the original DISC assessment program. Email us today for a quote to administer DISC to you or your organization at info@professiondirection.com.

Most Popular Applications

  • Interpersonal Communications
  • Interview Preparation
  • Professional Correspondence Composition
  • Portfolio Material
  • Self-Development
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Management Development
  • Sales Training

Behavioral information for both a person’s natural and adapted style are easily explained to help understand the differences. Years of straightforward application and testing of every nuance has proven this to be the behavioral assessment you can trust.

Readability and Adaptability

The profile has the lowest reading level of behavioral instruments in the industry in order to deliver practicality for every business situation. The assessment form is highly the most adaptable to both top management and support personnel with understanding for each.

Email us today for a quote to administer DISC to you or your organization at info@professiondirection.com .


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